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Create a portal entry

To create a portal entry, use the dashboard UI, the process is very quick and only has a few pre-requisites.

Requirements for a portal entry:

  • An API Configured and live on your gateway
  • The API must be “Closed” (i.e. it must use either Auth Token or Basic Auth security mechanisms)
  • A Security policy set up that grants access to this API

Step 1: Navigate to the portal catalogue

First you will need to navigate to the portal catalogue, to do so, select the option from the left hand nav:

enter image description here

Step 2: Select the add button

This page displays all of the catalogue entries you have defined, whether they have documentation attached and whether they are active on the portal or not. Select the Add button to continue:

enter image description here

Step 3: Give the entry a name and select a security policy to associate

When publishing an API with tyk, you are not publishing a single API, but instead you are publishing access to a group of APIs. The reason for this is to ensure that it is possible to compose and bundle APIs that are managed into APIs that are published, Tyk treats these as separate. So the thing that is published on the portal is not the same as the actual API being managed by tyk, one is a logical managed API and the other (the published catalogue version) is a facade.

Since API Policies allow the bundling of access control lists of multiple APIs, it is actually this that you are granting access to. Any developer that signs up for this API, will be granted a bearer token that has this policy as a baseline template, or as a “plan”.

enter image description here

There are two things worth noting here:

  1. You will only see security policies for valid APIs in the drop-down list for the policies
  2. The policy must be “closed” (see the requirements above)

Step 4: Add a description

All catalogue entries can have a description, these fields support markdown for formatting:

enter image description here

Step 5: Ensure it is active

An API will not be published until you mark it as active, make sure the check-box is ticked, otherwise the API entry will not appear:

enter image description here

Step 6: Save the API

You’ll notice that you haven’t added any docs yet, that’s ok for now – you cnan always add these after you have created the API (in fact, you need to create the entry first before you can attach docs).

To save the API, click the “Update” button:

enter image description here

Step 7: Take a look

You can now visit your portal to see the API catalogue entry, to do so, simply select the option from the top-nav:

enter image description here

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