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Customise Pages with CSS

The main customisation that can be done with the Tyk Dashboard is via the CSS Editor.

Step 1: Open CSS Editor

Click CSS from the Portal Management menu.

Portal management menu

Step 2: Make CSS Amendments

In the CSS Editor, add the classes that you would like to override in the home page. For Tyk Cloud and Multi-Cloud users, this will already be filled in with some initial overrides for you:

Portal CSS editor

Step 3: Make Email CSS Amendments

Email CSS editor

If you wish to customise how emails are displayed to end-users, then you can also add new classes to the Email CSS editor, these classes will be added in-line to the email that is sent out.

Once you have finished making your changes, click Update and the new CSS will be available on your site.

Updating CSS via API

Alternatively, as always, you can perform the above actions with an API call instead of through the Dashboard UI.

First, we’ll need to get the block ID of the CSS component in order to update it. This is stored in Mongo by the Dashboard. To get the block ID, we have to make a REST call to the Dashboard API.

To do so, run this curl command:

curl www.tyk-test.com:3000/api/portal/css \
-H "Authorization:{DASHBOARD_API_KEY}"


    "email_css": "",
    "id": "{CSS_BLOCK_ID},
    "org_id": "{ORG_ID}",
    "page_css": ".btn-success {background-color: magenta1}"

Now we can use the id and the org_id to update the CSS. The below curl command will update the CSS for a specific organization.

curl -X PUT http://tyk-dashboard.com/api/portal/css \
  -H "authorization:{DASHBOARD_API_KEY}" \
  -d '{
    "email_css": "",
    "id": "{CSS_BLOCK_ID},
    "org_id": "{ORG_ID}",
    "page_css": ".btn-success {background-color: magenta}"