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Webhooks are standardized web requests that Tyk can send out when certain events occur in the Tyk middleware. These hooks can be shared across APIs and updating a webhook will update the hook across all APIs that use it.

Webhook Manager - settings

Creating a webhook has four main components:

  1. The name: this is a human readable name for your reference
  2. The method to use: This can be either GET, POST, PUT, DELETE or PATCH
  3. The Target: This is the URL to make the request o, your endpoint
  4. A list of headers: Most webhooks will need to carry some form of security data o that the feature can’t be abused, you can set any number of header values in this list.

When a webhook is fired, it will send a webhook object, these are documented in the event handler documentation in the Tyk Core section of the site.

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