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3rd party Identity Management Integration

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Tyk supports integration with third party IDM’s such as Social (Gplus, Twitter, Github etc), OpenLDAP and legacy identity systems using our Tyk identity Broker module.

If the Identity Broker has been set up and installed as part of Tyk installation, certain popular scenarios can be created and managed from within the dashboard.

If the scenario you are looking for is not provided by the dashboard, please get in touch with us and we will look to add it. Alternatively, the identity broker is extremely flexible and there are many more profiles and configurations possible using a manual file-based setup.

Current IDM Scenarios Supported by Dashboard:

  • Social login to the developer portal (e.g. log in with github)
  • LDAP login to the dashboard
  • Social Login to OAuth flow (a transparent OAuth flow with a ocial provider that ends up with a valid Tyk OAuth token)
  • Social Login to standard bearer token flow (a transparent OAuth flow with a social provider that ends up with a valid Tyk bearer token)
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