Nightly builds

In order to ensure that Community Edition contributors and Pro users get the most out of Tyk and for those seeking out bleeding-edge features (for example if you’ve contributed to Tyk CE and we’ve added those features to Tyk Pro Dashboard), we build the development branch Tyk Gateway, Tyk Pump and Tyk Dashboard nightly and make them available for download as tarballs.

This means that if we merge a pull request, fix a bug, or update our Trello board saying a feature has been integrated into the dashboard, it is very likely to appear in the nightly build. Which means you can get your features, faster.


These builds are vanilla tarballs and are not meant to be used as a quickstart – they are for more experienced users that have already installed and configured Tyk themselves.

In 99.9% of cases, the tarball can be extracted and only the binary needs replacing in your production setup.

Caveats and warnings

These builds are from our development branch and are purged / updated nightly, so there are absolutely no guarantees with these builds.

Download nightly builds

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