JSON Schema

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Checks messages against a provided JSONSchema definition but does not change the payload under any circumstances.

# Config fields, showing default values
label: ""
  schema: "" # No default (optional)
  schema_path: "" # No default (optional)

Please refer to the JSON Schema website for information and tutorials regarding the syntax of the schema.



A schema to apply. Use either this or the schema_path field.

Type: string


The path of a schema document to apply. Use either this or the schema field.

Type: string


Assume the following JSONSchema document and Tyk Streams configuration shown in the sections below.

JSONSchema document

	"$id": "https://example.com/person.schema.json",
	"$schema": "http://json-schema.org/draft-07/schema#",
	"title": "Person",
	"type": "object",
	"properties": {
	  "firstName": {
		"type": "string",
		"description": "The person's first name."
	  "lastName": {
		"type": "string",
		"description": "The person's last name."
	  "age": {
		"description": "Age in years which must be equal to or greater than zero.",
		"type": "integer",
		"minimum": 0

Tyk Streams configuration

  - json_schema:
      schema_path: "file://path_to_schema.json"
  - catch:
    - log:
        level: ERROR
        message: "Schema validation failed due to: ${!error()}"
    - mapping: 'root = deleted()' # Drop messages that fail

If a payload being processed looked like:


Then a log message would appear explaining the fault and the payload would be dropped.