Tyk Pump

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Traffic analytics are captured by the Gateway nodes and then temporarily stored in Redis. The Tyk Pump is responsible for moving those analytics into a persistent data store, such as MongoDB, where the traffic can be analysed.

What is the Tyk Pump?

The Tyk Pump is our open source analytics purger that moves the data generated by your Tyk nodes to any back-end. It is primarily used to display your analytics data in the Tyk Dashboard.


The Tyk Pump is not currently configurable in our Tyk Cloud solution.

Tyk Pump Data Flow

Here’s the architecture depending on your deployment model:

Tyk Enterprise Pump Architecture

Tyk Open Source Pump Architecture

Tyk-Pump is both extensible, and flexible- meaning it is possible to configure Tyk-Pump to send data to multiple different backends at the same time as depicted by Pump Backends (i) and (ii), MongoDB and Elasticsearch respectively in Figure 1. Tyk-Pump is scalable, both horizontally and vertically, as indicated by Instances “1”, “2”, and “n”. Additionally, it is possible to apply filters that dictate WHAT analytics go WHERE, please see the docs on sharded analytics configuration here.

Configuration and Scaling of Tyk Pump

Figure 1: An architecture diagram illustrating horizontal scaling of “n” Instances of Tyk-Pump each with two different backends.

Other Supported Backend Services

We list our supported backends here.

Configuring your Tyk Pump

See Tyk Pump Configuration for more details on setting up your Tyk Pump.

Tyk Pump can be horizontally scaled without causing duplicate data, please see the following Table for the supported permutations of Tyk Pump scaling.

Supported Summary
Single Pump Instance, Single Backend
Single Pump Instance, Multiple Backend(s)
Multiple Pump Instances, Same Backend(s)
Multiple Pump Instances, Different Backend(s)