Using Custom Domains

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You can set up Tyk Cloud to use a custom domain. Using custom domains is available on our free trial and all our paid plans. You can use a custom domain for both your Control Planes and Cloud Data Planes.


Wild cards are not supported by Tyk Cloud in custom domain certificates

Custom Domains with Control Planes

  • Currently, you can only use one custom domain per Control Plane deployment.
  • The custom domain in this case ties to a Tyk Developer Portal. Please set up a CNAME DNS record such that it points to the “Portal” ingress as displayed on your Control Plane deployment page.

Custom Domains with Cloud Data Planes

You can set multiple custom domains on a Cloud Data Plane. In this instance please set up your CNAME DNS records such that they point to the only ingress displayed on your Cloud Data Plane deployment page.

Note: While you can set multiple custom domains for a Cloud Data Plane, a single custom domain cannot be used for multiple Cloud Data Planes.

How to set up a Custom Domain

In this example we are going to set up a custom domain called Cloud Data for a Cloud Data Plane deployment.

  1. Create a CNAME DNS record that points to your Cloud Data Plane ingress (e.g.
  2. From your Cloud Data Plane deployment, select Edit from the Status drop-down.

Cloud Data Plane drop-down

  1. Enter in the Custom Domains field.

Cloud Data Plane Custom Domain

  1. Click Save and Re-deploy.

Save and Re-Deploy

How our Custom Domain functionality works

When you point your custom domain to your deployment, we use Let's Encrypt's HTTP01 ACME challenge type, which verifies ownership by accessing your custom CNAME on your Control Plane or Cloud Data Plane deployment. For example - above.