Initial Portal Configuration

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After deploying your Control Plane, you need to perform some initial configuration for the Developer Portal to prevent seeing any Page Not Found errors when trying to access the portal. You need to set up a Home page from the Control Plane Dashboard.

Watch our video on configuring your Tyk Cloud Developer Portal.

  1. From the Control Plane Dashboard, select Pages from the Portal Management menu
  2. Click Add Page

Add Portal Page

  1. In the Settings, give your page a name and slug. Below we’ve called it Home
  2. Select Check to make this page the Home page
  3. Select Default Home page template from the Page type drop-down list
  4. You can leave the Registered Fields sections for now

Portal Home page settings

  1. Click Save.

You should now be able to access your Portal from Open Your Portal from the Your Developer Portal menu.

Portal Menu

Further Portal Configuration

Our Developer Portal is completely customizable. See Portal Customization for more details.