Managing Billing Admins

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This page explains what a Tyk Cloud billing admin can do as part of your API management process, giving you complete control over your API management.

As a Billing Admin you can perform the following:

  • Add, edit and delete payment methods
  • Add further users as Billing Admins
  • Upgrade or downgrade plans

Adding a new Billing Admin


To be added as a Billing Admin, a user cannot have an existing Tyk Cloud account.


To add a new Billing Admin team member requires you to have one of the following roles:

  • Be an existing Billing Admin
  • Be the account creator Organisation Admin (this user also has the Billing Admin role assigned to them)
  1. Select Account & Billing from the Admin menu (if you only have Billing Admin permissions you will automatically be logged into the Account and Billing area).

Account & Billing menu

  1. Select Billing Admins from the Accounts & Billing menu

Billing Admins menu

  1. Click Invite Billing Admin

Invite Billing Admin

  1. Complete the Billing Admin form and click Send Invite

Removing Billing Admin Access

For this release, removing a billing Admin is not allowed. We can remove a Billing Admin manually, so contact your Account Manager if you need to remove a Billing Admin user.