Tyk Enterprise Developer Portal v1.9.0

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Licensed Protected Product

Release Date 27 Apr 2024

Breaking Changes

This release has no breaking changes.

Future breaking changes

In 2.0.0 release (the next after the next release) we will introduce the capability to create products and plans in the portal instead of creating policies for products and plans in the dashboard.

To achieve that, we will need to change the plans and products architecture. The main change is that plans will include access rights to APIs and endpoint.

As a result of this, 2.0.0 won’t be backwards compatible with the previous versions. We will provide migration scripts and instructions before that release.


There are no deprecations in this release.

Release Highlights

The 1.9.0 release addresses several security vulnerability and bugs and introduces two new capabilities:

Upgrade instructions

If you are on 1.8.5 or an older version we advise you to upgrade ASAP directly to this release.

This release doesn’t introduce any changes to the theme, so a theme upgrade is not required.




  • Added the webhooks capability that enable real-time, automated data updates between the portal and 3rd party applications.
  • Added admin APIs for managing OAuth2.0 configuration.


Further Information

Upgrading Tyk

Please refer to the upgrading Tyk page for further guidance with respect to the upgrade strategy.


Please visit our Developer Support page for further information relating to reporting bugs, upgrading Tyk, technical support and how to contribute.