Tyk Self-Managed Upgrade Guide

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This section includes upgrade guides for Tyk Self-Managed.


Before proceeding with the upgrade process, ensure that you have thoroughly reviewed and completed the steps outlined in the upgrade guidelines. Once you have adequately prepared, follow the instructions below to upgrade your Tyk components and plugins in this specified order. Adhering to the provided sequence is crucial for a smooth and successful upgrade.

Upgrade order

In a production environment where the Dashboard, Gateway, and Pump are installed on separate machines, you should always upgrade components in the following sequence:

  1. Tyk Dashboard
  2. Tyk Gateway
  3. Tyk Pump

Upgrade order with Multi Data Center Bridge (MDCB)

For Enterprise customers, the Tyk control plane contains all the standard components of a Self-Managed installation with the addition of the Multi Data Center Bridge (MDCB).

Our recommended sequence for upgrading a self-managed MDCB installation is as follows:

Stage #1: Upgrade the components of the Tyk control plane in this order:

  1. MDCB
  2. Tyk Pump (if applicable)
  3. Tyk Dashboard
  4. Tyk Gateway

Stage #2: Next, upgrade the components in Tyk data planes, in this order:

  1. Go Plugins (if applicable)
  2. Tyk Pump (if applicable)
  3. Tyk Gateway

This sequence of control plane first and data plane second ensures:

  1. Forward compatibility - ensures that we don’t have forward-compatibility issues of new Gateway using old MDCB.
  2. Connectivity issues - It’s extremely fast to see if there are connectivity issues and gateways (in Hybrid mode) will continue to function even if disconnected from their control plane.

Upgrade guides

We provide upgrade guides for Linux, Docker, Helm and K8S. To continue the upgrade process, please refer to the relevant installation guide under this section.