Upgrade Tyk on Kubernetes

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After reviewing guidelines for preparing for upgrade, follow the instructions below to upgrade your Tyk components and plugins.

Upgrade order: Please note that upgrade order is as explained in the upgrade overview

Upgrade instructions for Tyk Dashboard, Tyk Pump and MDCB

The instruction below refer to upgrading Tyk Gateway. You can follow the same steps for Tyk Dashboard, Tyk Pump and MDCB.

Simple Kubernetes Environment Upgrade

When upgrading a non-production environment, where it’s okay to have a brief downtime and you can simply restart your gateways, the upgrade is trivial as with any other image you want to upgrade in Kubernetes:

In a similar way to docker:

  1. Backup your gateway config file (tyk.conf or the name you chose for it)
  2. Update the image version in the manifest file.
  3. Apply the file/s using kubectl
$ kubectl apply -f .

You will see that the deployment has changed.

Now you can check the gateway pod to see the latest events (do kubectl get pods to get the pod name):

$ kubectl describe pods <gateway pod name>

You should see that the image was pulled, the container got created and the gateway started running again, similar to the following output:

  Type    Reason     Age   From               Message
  ----    ------     ----  ----               -------
  Normal  Scheduled  118s  default-scheduler  Successfully assigned tyk/tyk-gtw-89dc9f554-5487c to docker-desktop
  Normal  Pulling    117s  kubelet            Pulling image "tykio/tyk-gateway:v5.0"
  Normal  Pulled     70s   kubelet            Successfully pulled image "tykio/tyk-gateway:v5.0" in 47.245940479s
  Normal  Created    70s   kubelet            Created container tyk-gtw
  Normal  Started    70s   kubelet            Started container tyk-gtw
  1. Check the log to see that the new version is used and if the gateway is up and running
$ kubectl logs service/gateway-svc-tyk-gateway-tyk-headless --tail=100 --follow 
Defaulted container "gateway-tyk-headless" out of: gateway-tyk-headless, setup-directories (init)
time="Jul 17 20:58:27" level=info msg="Tyk API Gateway 5.1.0" prefix=main
  1. Check the gateway is healthy
$ curl  localhost:8080/hello | jq .
  "status": "pass",
  "version": "5.1.0",
  "description": "Tyk GW",
  "details": {
    "redis": {
      "status": "pass",
      "componentType": "datastore",
      "time": "2023-07-17T21:07:27Z"

Upgrade Tyk K8S Demo deployment

  1. In the Tyk k8s Demo repo, change the version in .env file, GATEWAY_VERSION=v5.1 to the version you want
  2. Restart the deployment
  3. Check the log file