Upgrade Tyk on Helm

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After reviewing guidelines for preparing for upgrade, follow the instructions below to upgrade your Tyk components and plugins.

Upgrade order: Please note that upgrade order is as explained in the upgrade overview

Upgrade instructions for Tyk Dashboard, Tyk Pump and MDCB

The instruction below refer to upgrading Tyk Gateway. You can follow the same steps for Tyk Dashboard, Tyk Pump and MDCB.

Upgrade Tyk Gateway

  1. Backup your gateway config file (tyk.conf or the name you chose for it), .env and values.yaml. Even if you’re using the environment variables from the values.yaml to define your configuration, there still might be a config file used and loaded with field values you relay on.
  2. Backup your .env and values.yaml
  3. Update the image version in your values.yaml
    For example, in this values.yaml change the version of the tag tag: v5.3 to the version you want.
  4. Run Helm upgrade with your relevant values.yaml file/s.
    Check the helm upgrade docs for more details on the upgrade command.