What is Lab Releases

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Lab Release is a release for a product still in the lab phase, during which features are still under active development and testing. Lab phase releases are crucial in our product discovery and proving. They bring our customers, prospects, and the open-source community to the heart of our product design. This collaboration provides valuable feedback, helping us refine and improve the product while giving you early access to some key ideas we are testing. We really value your feedback - we want to learn what works for you, new use cases we’ve missed, or things that can be improved before we release the capability as production-ready.

Important information when using products in a Lab Release phase

Lab phase releases are not intended for production use and there are a few things you need to be aware of if you are helping us prove a lab release:

  • They are not ready for production use: they have not been through our normal software development lifecycle of build and test so are not suitable for production use
  • You may find bugs: these are very early iterations of the code - bugs will be present
  • They may be insecure: the code has not gone through any security testing, so you may find exposure risk; comprehensive security test will be conducted before production release.
  • They are unstable: we will be iterating this code frequently, responding to your feedback. This might lead to instability
  • Data Integrity: there is a small risk of data loss or corruption. We strongly recommend backing up important information regularly
  • APIs and Configuration Changes: the lab release product may undergo interface and configuration changes, as well as API contract alterations, as part of ongoing development and refinement efforts
  • Documentation could be limited: we will endeavor to document the proof of concepts, but we may miss things
  • User Experience: The user experience might not be finalized. Some features might only be accessible through API calls
  • Limited Support: official support is not available for lab products. We encourage reporting any issues or feedback directly through any of the following channels:

Your insight and feedback are paramount to us, that is why we make lab releases available. But, by using Tyk Lab Release, (a product that is in a lab phase) you acknowledge these conditions. You also agree that Tyk will not be liable for any losses or damages caused in connection with the usage of Lab Release unless the relevant losses or damages are due to our fraud, willful misconduct or gross negligence. This limitation does not apply to limitations that cannot be limited by law.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation