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OpenAPI Low Level Concepts


Tyk and the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) talk about a number of topics in different ways and without a decoder ring this can be confusing. This page aims to be that ring.

  • Servers
  • Authentication - [copied in the specific low level concepts page]
  • Mock responses -
  • Validation - OAS lets you define validation in a very flexible way. It fundamentally boils down to having a json schema that defines what the body of a request or response should look like. However, the cleve part is that in the schema for a particular validation you can reference another schema defined elsewhere in the API Definition, or even externally via a URL. This lets your write complex validation very efficiently since you don’t need to re-define the validation for a particular object every time you wish to refer to it.


Tyk at this time only supports local references to schema within the same API Definition

  • Paths