OpenAPI Advanced Concepts

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Tyk and the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) talk about a number of topics in different ways; here we provide you with explanation of the concepts and terms used by Tyk.

  • Servers - find out how Tyk integrates neatly between your clients and upstream services, automatically configuring where it will proxy requests
  • Authentication - with Tyk’s OpenAPI implementation you have the option of delegating authentication to the upstream service, or handling it on the Tyk Gateway
  • Mock Responses - Tyk can automatically configure mock response middleware using the configuration included in your OAS document; this allows you to test your APIs without connecting to the upstream services
  • Request Validation - Tyk can protect your APIs by automatically validating the request parameters and payload against a schema that defines what it should look like
  • Paths - this is a section within the OAS definition that instructs Tyk which API paths (also referred to as endpoints) should be configured; Tyk uses this information to determine which middleware should be enabled for each
  • Versioning - API versioning, a crucial API gateway capability, allows you to update and improve your APIs without breaking existing clients or services