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Create a Multi-Cloud Account


Tyk Multi-Cloud has superseded our Hybrid offering. See Tyk Multi-Cloud for more details. You can get a free 1 month trial of Tyk Multi-Cloud.

Create a Multi-Cloud account

To create an account with Tyk Multi-Cloud is very quick and free (for 30 days):

Visit our Tyk Multi-Cloud Signup Page and enter your details:

Tyk Multi-Cloud signup form

Your company name will be used to generate your cloud endpoint, this is where your API Developer Portal will be hosted, and also your Tyk Cloud API endpoints for any APIs that you create.


If you change the password in your cloud account page it will not change the password in your Cloud Dashboard.

Log into your Cloud Dashboard

From your cloud account page click Login to your dashboard:

Cloud Navigation

A login screen for our cloud dashboard will be displayed. You can login directly from https://admin.cloud.tyk.io. The username and password will be the same as those used to create your account.