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Pro Edition

What is the Tyk Pro Edition?

Tyk Pro Edition is the open-source API Gateway, Dashboard and API Management Platform that is developed by and supported by Tyk Technologies. The Tyk Pro Edition is an On-Premises install that consists of:

  • Tyk API Gateway: The API gateway that can manage your APIs.
  • Tyk Dashboard: The analytics and management interface for your APIs.
  • Tyk Developer Portal: A developer portal to publish your APIs, your documentation (MarkDown, Swagger and Blueprint) and to have developers self-enroll to try out your services.
  • Tyk Pump: An analytics data sink that sends data to our analytics platform, it can be used to send analytics data to other platforms such as StatsD, ElasticSearch and InfluxDB.
  • Tyk Identity Broker: A third-party IDP integration service.