Developer Support

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This section provides an overview of the various developer support mechanisms offered by Tyk to assist with troubleshooting and frequently asked questions.


Tyk offers a range of developer support services to assist with troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Expert Advice

If you are a prospective customer seeking technical advice relating to a Tyk product then please reach out and contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our expert engineers.


An online community forum is available to everyone, offering the following support channels:

  • Support: Use the support channel to raise bugs and ask troubleshooting questions.
  • Products: Use the products channel to discuss and learn about specific features of the Tyk Product Stack.
  • Community: Use the community channel to read learning resources and learn about community events, such as webinars etc.
  • Announcements: Use the announcements channel to learn about release announcements
  • Meta feedback: Use the meta feedback channel to submit bug reports for Tyk products and give feedback relating to the community forum.

Furthermore, the Tyk OSS Gateway repository can be used to submit bug reports and feature requests.


Tyk Self Managed and Tyk Cloud license holders can reach out on the online helpdesk for 24/7 support.


Supporting documentation is also available relating to: