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Request Throttling

Request Throttling Overview

Request Throttling enhances rate limiting. When a request is not allowed because of rate limiting, it retries the same request at a specified number of intervals for a specified number of times.

Can I disable Request Throttling?

Yes, you can. If you set throttle_interval and throttle_retry_limit values to smaller than 0, the feature will not work. The default value is -1 and means it is disabled by default.

Set Request Throttling with the Dashboard

  1. From System Management > Keys > Add Key.

  2. Ensure the new key has access to the APIs you wish it work with by selecting the API from Access Rights > Add Access Rule and click Add.

  3. From the Throttling section, select the Throttle interval and the Throttle retry limit values.

Tyk API Gateway Request Throttling

  1. Save the token, it will be created instantly.

Set Request Throttling with the Session Object

You should set two values:

  1. throttle_interval: Interval(seconds) between each request retry.
  2. throttle_retry_limit: Total request retry number.