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Pump Component

What is the Tyk Pump?

The Tyk Pump is our open source analytics purger that moves the data generated by your Tyk nodes to any back-end. It is primarily used to display your analytics data in the Tyk Dashboard.

Other Supported Backend Services

The following services can be configured in your pump.conf file:

  • MongoDB (to replace built-in purging)
  • CSV
  • ElasticSearch (2.0+)
  • Graylog
  • InfluxDB
  • Moesif
  • Splunk
  • StatsD
  • DogStatsD
  • Hybrid (Tyk RPC)
  • Prometheus

See Tyk Pump Configuration for more details.

Tyk Pump can be horizontally scaled without causing duplicate data.

Tyk Pump Data Flow

Tyk Pump Data Transport Service