Upstream mTLS

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If your upstream API is protected with mutual TLS you can configure Tyk to send requests with the specified client certificate.

  • You can specify one certificate per host and define a default certificate.
  • Upstream certificates can be defined on API definition level or globally (via Gateway configuration file).
  • Specified client certificates will be used not only for internal Tyk calls but also for HTTP calls inside your JSVM middleware.

How To Set Up

Via API Definition

Inside your API definition you should set the upstream_certificates field to the following format: {"": "<cert-id>"}. Defining on a global level looks the same, but should be specified via the security.certificates.upstream field in your Gateway configuration file.

Via Dashboard

To do the same via the Tyk Dashboard, go to the API Designer > Advanced Options panel > Upstream certificates section.



Do NOT include the protocol or Tyk will not match your certificates to the correct domain.

For example:

You need to include the port if the request is made via a non-standard HTTP port.

Wild Cards

You may use wild cards in combination with text to match the domain, but it only works one level deep.

Example, if your domain is



Default Upstream Cert

To set a default client certificate, use * instead of domain name: {"*": "<cert-id>"}