Basic Configuration and Security

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This section covers methods for configuring and applying security methods to Tyk. the following subjects are covered:

  • Security. This section includes how to apply security to your Tyk components, your APIs, and security policies.
  • Control and limit traffic. This section shows you how to apply quotas, rate limits (throttling) and size limits to your APIs.
  • Reduce latency. This section describes methods for reducing latency in your Tyk installation.
  • Log traffic. This section describes how to control the capture of traffic logs for the transactions (API requests and responses) handled by your Tyk Gateways.
  • Report, monitor and trigger events. This section describes what event data you can include in your APIs, and how you can do manage them with the use of webhooks and custom JavaScript handlers. This section also cover the use of monitors for user and organization quotas, as well as StatsD and NewRelic instrumentation.