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Who are Tyk, and what do we do? 

The Tyk API Management platform is helping to drive the connected world and power new products and services. We’re changing the way that organisations connect their systems and services. Whether internal, external, public or highly encrypted systems, Tyk helps businesses drive value across multiple industries. If you’ve banked online, used an app to check the news, or even driven a connected car, API’s, and by extension, Tyk, make that possible. Founded in 2015 with offices in London, Atlanta and Singapore, we have many thousands of users of our B2B platform across the globe. Brands using Tyk range from Singapore Post to global organisations like the Financial Times, and Starbucks.

Total flexibility, default remote, radical responsibility

We offer unlimited paid holidays and remote working from anywhere in the world, for everyone – for real. Why? Tyk was founded on the principle of doing things differently and offering flexibility and autonomy to our employees are two principles that, we believe, allow our employees to achieve their best results. It also means we can build the best possible team, location and working hours are no barrier. If this sounds like an environment that you believe could work for you then read on to find out more:

What can you do with us?

We are looking for a super talented Senior Front End engineer to lead the front end effort in our Core APIM product area.

  • You will be accountable for working with UX Designers to create and deliver beautiful yet efficient task led solutions to our dashboard and gateway. Most of Tyk’s user traffic goes through this components, so this is a critical part of our experience.
  • You will lead the maintenance and improvement of our UI component library, ensuring ease of component reuse, and consistency of experience across the platform. A natural improver, you will also suggest improvements back to the UX team so we can keep improving the Tyk Design System.
  • You will be a talented engineer, capable of mentoring and developing other front end engineers; instilling best practice, innovative thinking, and an obsession with great experience. In time, this role will take on line management of a handful of front end engineers.
  • You will be expert in HTML/CSS/Javascript ES6+/UI technologies, experienced in React, and ideally have some working knowledge of API management.
  • We also expect this role to have an advanced understanding of CI/CD pipelines, and look to work with our Software Engineering Manager to improve automation, speed, and quality along the pipeline.

Here’s what you’ll be getting up to:

  • You will be responsible for helping us design and build the next iteration of our API Management Dashboard and related systems, we like nice, lightweight, modular and testable interfaces, and need you to help us achieve that.
  • We want someone who is independent and capable of taking responsibility for the delivery of our user interface. Our thriving community and our enterprise customers are the people you need to satisfy. We are fanatical about listening to our clients and their input drives our project milestones.
  • We need someone who likes to ask questions, listen and then deliver.
  • The user experience of our customers is really important to us, so you’ll work with talented UX and UI designers to optimise the success of our customers task completion, and push back when technical constraints mean we need to do something different.
  • You will lead the development and maintenance of our front end design systems and component libraries, ensuring ease of application and reuse, plus consistent application of components across the full stack.
  • Over time, this role may well lead and inspire a team of talented front end engineers to deliver excellent experiences to our customers, to innovate and continually improve, and to ensure we keep our levels of technical debt low.
  • Not only will you interface closely with our UX and UI teams, you will also work closely with back end engineers, QA teams, Product Managers, and our Software Engineering Manager – we want all of our Tyklings to be obsessed with improvement and opinionated – whether that is a specific front end issue, or something we could do better in our software delivery lifecycle. We need a proactive collaborator who leads by example.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Vast work experience in HTML/CSS/Javascript ES6+/UI technologies
  • Experience in working with React and its ecosystem (state management, performance optimisation and measurements etc.)
  • Good understanding of the CI/CD pipelines for a web application
  • Experience with common front-end development tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, etc.
  • Experience working with design systems and component libraries
  • Good knowledge of working with REST APIs or GraphQL
  • Strong focus on testing the code, improving test automation, and ensuring our testing ‘shifts left’ to ensure we pass well tested code into QA
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong understanding of technical debt reduction and minimisation
  • Understanding on end to end software delivery lifecycle processes with a keen eye for improvement
  • A leader by example – upholding the best coding, quality, and process standards, and ensure these permeate the front end team
  • Strong collaboration skills
  • Line and team management experience


Our early stage team members are shaping our business, there is an attractive package based on experience and performance that includes share options. Everyone has unlimited paid holiday. We have total flexibility in hours, so plan your day around your commitments to ensure you can give your best at work and at home. You will work with a talented, and passionate team of industry experts, who are developing a cutting-edge product that is driving change and innovation within startups and household names alike. We’re a distributed team. Work from our offices during induction if you want, once you are up to speed, you can work from home, a cafe, wherever you get your best work done, we’ll support you in making that happen. The best software and hardware available – we are prime movers in “The New Stack”, our setup reflects that. We are growing rapidly and are looking for team members keen to grab hold, accelerate that further and shape our future.

What’s it like to work here?! check it out:

Tyk aims to be an equal opportunities employer and we are determined to ensure that no applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, age, disability, religion, belief, sexual orientation, marital status, or race, or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable.

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