Tyk Cloud

A secure, fully-managed Full Lifecycle API Management platform that spans the globe. All the power of Tyk as a SaaS platform, with none of the ops overhead, so you can get on with making things.

Your Tyk Cloud enables you to deploy:

  • Tyk Dashboard into as many environments, for as many teams and users as your org requires. Design and Manage the full life-cycle of your API.
  • Tyk Gateway in as many clusters and locations as you require. Deploy clusters across geographies, cloud providers, even your own data centres.
  • Tyk Portal to provide documentation and self-service access for your APIs.
  • GraphQL to stitch together, secure and manage your endpoints with the dashboard and secured by the gateway.

Manage your global API ecosystem with the most feature-complete, flexible and fastest Full Lifecycle API Management on the market, all without any infrastructure or ops overhead. Fully managed, fully global, full control over your APIs.

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Build a global API presence

Specify the location that will host your dashboard and data, ensure you are compliant with data protection and data sovereignty regulations.
Add further regions to handle traffic across the globe via our SaaS and manage it all centrally.
Quickly deploy gateways into your own data centre or cloud, if you require a hybrid SaaS deployment.


Governance, Security and Data Sovereignty

Manage costs for your organisation centrally and delegate access rights to teams and individuals.

Simple integration with SSO and RBAC, to seamlessly complement your existing setup.
Full audit, analytics and logging mean that Tyk is used widely by highly regulated industries.

No lock-in

Visibility, Control and no lock-in

View and manage all of your API Infrastructure globally.

Scale and move your API Infrastructure as a SaaS to meet demand and organisational change.
Avoid vendor lock-in and span multiple clouds, network centres, independent of the underlying infrastructure.


Enterprise Capabilities, Low cost of ownership

All the power of the Tyk stack, as used by many of the worlds leading financial institutions as a SaaS.

Run your own custom plugins, integrate with legacy systems, customise to your requirements.

Simple and clear pricing, with no external dependencies or operational overheads.

  1. Where will my data centre be located?

    Choose from 6 regions across the globe to host your dashboard and data.
    Connect additional Tyk Cloud locations for your edge gateways.
    Deploy gatways into your own cloud accounts or data centre as a simple docker container and manage everything centrally, for a hybrid deployment.
    True global coverage whilst maintaining data sovereignty.

  2. Is it Secure?

    Yes it is. We’re ISO27001 certified and trusted by banks, governments, and people in fancy boardrooms.

  3. Tell me about your SaaS uptime SLAs

    We offer uptime SLA options between 99.5% and 99.9%, depending on the plan you choose.

  4. Can you handle GraphQL?

    Yes! We provide a quick, code-free way to create GraphQL endpoints, secure your Graph and enable you to apply complex, granular access policies to queries. We also provide an intuitive visual designer, full schema editor with auto-completion, and a self-documenting GraphQL sandbox for your services. Now you can connect, design, mashup and secure your data with just a few clicks.

  5. What about plugins and customisations?

    You can now add your own Tyk plugins and customise your deployment as you wish, bringing unparalleled levels of flexibility to API Management.

  6. We've got lots of teams and governance to handle. #bigenterprise

    No problem. Setup an account for your organisation, add teams and users as required. Now allocate environments to each as you require, whilst ensuring you have control over spend and access centrally. #bigenterpriseready

  7. Single Sign On, Role Based Access Control, I'm guessing we need on-prem?

    We have you covered with Tyk Cloud, designed in partnership with our community of users, from enterprises big and small. Tyk Cloud makes it simple to take control of your API Management as a SaaS.

I just want to have a play, how can I try this?

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  1. Dashboard & API Designer for full API lifecycle management
  2. Policies and Analytics for monetisation and reporting
  3. Instant, out-of-the-box Developer Portal with self-service enrolment and documentation
  4. Best-in-class Technical Support to get you started and keep you running
  5. Simple, transparent pricing

If you want to increase capacity, or require ongoing technical support, we have plans priced according to scale. Just sign up for a trial account and upgrade to from your Account centre.

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