Buzz Points is an incentive-based customer engagement and revenue platform that connects consumers, local businesses, and community financial institutions (CFIs).

Their innovative platform drives increased revenue, retention rates and cross-selling opportunities for CFIs across the United States.

By incentivising consumers to shop locally and providing marketing services to local businesses, Buzz Points builds relationships and brings communities together.

To do this, they rely on Tyk to support their external and internal microservices architecture, comprised of 15 individual microservices and a suite of APIs that receive upwards of 10,000 calls per day.


Before switching to Tyk, Buzz Points used an in-house solution featuring Spring Controllers and NGINX. As their microservices architecture programme grew in size and ambition, though, they found that it was becoming difficult to scale and manage their operations without significant investment into additional resource.

Instead, the Buzz Points team needed a solution that would help them reap the benefits of automation as their platform rapidly expanded. The solution needed to be easy to scale in line with their planned Microservices programme, whilst ensuring high availability throughout.


Tyk’s ability to tackle Buzz Point’s key requirements, and serve as a solid foundation for their programme’s future ambitions, made it the ideal choice for Buzz Point’s API management.

In particular, Tyk’s On Premises licence with unlimited nodes meant that Buzz Point’s could factor in High Availability at an affordable annual cost.

As well as powering their microservices architecture and day-to-day API management, Tyk has enabled Buzz Points to begin automating their API set-up. When working on implementing automation the set-up of new APIs, they also found Tyk’s ability to be used via its own internal APIs was great for incorporating into Ansible playbooks.

As part of their unlimited node licence agreement, Buzz Points benefits from Tyk’s expert, and speedy, support service. They found Tyk support particularly helpful during initial set-up, as they troubleshooted their microservices connectivity.

The Buzz Points team of 10 engineers also leant on the support documentation extensively whilst configuring new services and automating set-up of APIs via Ansible.

How do Buzz Points use Tyk day-to-day?

Buzz Points uses Tyk daily to manage the security and routing of both its external and internal microservices architecture, as well as access requests and policies.

There are currently 15 microservices managed by Tyk On Premise, in addition to Tyk being used as a bridge to Buzz Point’s monolith service.

With an unlimited node On Premise licence, Buzz Points are also able to configure Tyk to ensure High Availability and clustering. This provides the perfect high-performance environment for the microservices Buzz Point’s currently runs, and the numerous more they have planned as part of their technology strategy.


Once Tyk was in place, Buzz Points immediately saw their API management become smoother, easier to monitor and more efficient to manage.

Their existing suite of microservices were highly available, performant and stable. Additional APIs were easy to onboard, manage and maintain, and with fewer resource overheads, leaving their engineering team more time to innovate, plan and develop other products.

As Buzz Points looks to the future of their API programme, they plan to turn to their developer portal functionality for integration from their partners and clients at CFIs. Further ahead, they have ambitions to use some of the call interception logic and develop Tyk extensions for common code in their microservices.

Download the full case study

For more information, download the Buzz Points case study (.pdf)