Tyk on Tour: Event Round Up + Upcoming (non-event?) events

In an ideal world, this update would consist of an array of brightly-coloured photos documenting our team’s adventures around the globe! We’d be reporting about meeting up with our favorite API enthusiasts in-person and all of the hands-on workshops and sessions we shared with our community. But, alas, the only thing we had our hands in the past few months was sanitizer.

As a remote-first company, we welcomed the shift to virtual events with two communities we partnered with last year, DevNetwork and APIdays. We will be the first to admit, at times virtual events can be a bit awkward, but removing the travel requirements of a physical event allowed us to connect with so many more of you!

We also understand that even with a commute from your bedroom to the home office, schedules can be packed, so here’s a roundup of everything you might have missed:

The importance of API management tools

Matt Tanner, Product Evangelist

This session at DeveloperWeek Global covered many different areas where API management can help to create, test, and support various API driven initiatives

Watch the session or read the summary blog

Protecting & Managing GraphQL APIs

Ahmet Soormally, Technical R&D Partner

By the end of this workshop from APIdays INTERFACE you will have: A greater understanding of possible vulnerabilities in production GraphQL deployments – and how an API Gateway with GraphQL support may provide unified management & mitigation.

Watch the session

From Securing GraphQL APIs to the Universal Data Graph

Ahmet Soormally, Technical R&D Partner

Adopting GraphQL is not without its pitfalls. Concerns about security, performance, separation of concerns, and how teams can independently develop their GraphQL API are all still valid today. Many of the challenges which have been long-solved and deemed best-practice with REST are still in their infancy with GraphQL. So if you are a CTO, CIO, API Product Manager, or an Engineer researching how GraphQL can enable your business & platform team tune into this presentation from APIdays INTERFACE to be armed with practical considerations for securing your GraphQL APIs, and the future of the Universal Data Graph.

Watch the session

So, what’s next?

TBH, we were feeling the effects of virtual event fatigue and in true Tyk fashion, we didn’t want to just keep with the status quo. So, we’d be crazy to try and sell the idea of another online event to you. Right? Well, actually, we’re going to try anyway. Hear us out.

Introducing: Tyk CustomCon

Tyk doesn’t do online events like most companies. We do the kind that come with swag boxes and free pizza. We let you choose the focus (and the toppings), then we build a bespoke event packed with interactive content, work hacks, and the latest innovations.

How does it work?

  1. We’re bringing all of the great things about old school conferences (inspirational content, helpful and relevant workshops, killer swag, free food) to individual companies – without any of the typical conference hassles.
  2. We’ll work with you to build a customized workshop designed for your team and your organization’s needs.
  3. From GraphQL to taming your internal APIs, check out our menu. All can be customized in both length of time and technical capability, and all will help your company manage, monitor, and own your API’s internally and externally.

Sound’s interesting, let’s talk.

Fill out the form and a Tykling will reach out to start curating your CustomCon!