Hooray for Mariyan, our newest Tyk Community Award winner!


Pompoms at the ready… it’s time to congratulate our latest Tyk Community Award winner, Mariyan Belchev!

This is such a special time of year for the Tyk team. It’s our chance to recognise community members who’ve gone the extra mile and created something really exciting. This ability to collaborate and to innovate is one of the most brilliant aspects of being open source. It means our community members can continually push Tyk to become bigger and better based on real-world scenarios and needs.

Every day, community members around the world contribute to our code, work on innovations and enhancements, hunt for bugs and hold us to account. What an incredible network to be a part of!

And now it’s our chance to give something back. To honour those contributors who’ve stood up to be counted over the past year. Contributors like Mariyan, whose changes to our code have made life more exciting for each and every user of Tyk and Splunk.

Here’s how…

Awesome analytics

Mariyan’s code contribution focused on the integration  of Tyk Pump with the analytics and monitoring tool, Splunk. He wrote it as part of his work for the media conglomerate that he worked for at the time.

The Tyk Pump sends analytics of traffic captured by Tyk Gateway nodes to a data sink, such as Splunk. Splunk receives the logs and allows users to analyse the traffic in depth. So far, so good.

But Mariyan wanted more.

As such, he cloned Tyk’s code and began playing around. He needed Tyk Pump to send more information to Splunk, so he added fields to the code. While he was at it, Mariyan also made the key obfuscation more configurable. Then he created a pull request, submitting his changes to Tyk. And we were most impressed. So much so, in fact, that we merged Mariyan’s changes with our code, so that every Tyk user can benefit.

Enhanced flexibility

Mariyan’s pull request extends the amount of data that the Tyk Pump sends to Splunk. This means that anyone using Splunk with Tyk can now enjoy greater flexibility when it comes to configuring the data that the Tyk API Gateway sends to Splunk. Now, for Splunk users, the enhanced configuration options and greater visibility can facilitate a deeper understanding of API performance, which can then drive better, more informed business decisions.

Not only did Mariyan demonstrate a superb understanding of the Tyk product as part of this process, he also tested pull requests in a real environment, which is always a hugely valuable contribution.

By sharing his knowledge and creativity with the entire community, Mariyan has ensured that everyone using the Tyk Pump with Splunk is able to benefit from more fine-tuned analytics. What a great contribution. An award-winning contribution, in fact. Congratulations, Mariyan!