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New in version v0.3.0.0

Tyk Pump v0.3.0.0 brings some exciting new data sinks, and most importantly, adds a data sink to handle aggregation data that massively speeds up Dashboard retrieval times.

All new pumps from develop have been added (many of which by the community!):

  • mongo-pump-selective: Segments analytics records by organisation into their own collections
  • mongo-pump-aggregate: Aggregates analtyics into compressed documents for faster recovery
  • influx (community): influxDB support
  • statsd (community): StatsD support
  • segment (community): Segment.IO support
  • graylog (community): Graylog support

The most important pump that has been added here is the mongo-pump-aggregate, this pump enabels new, faster aggregates to be run in your analytics DB and should massively lower the strain on your MongoDB cluster for large data pulls.

Configuring the new aggregates has been outlined in the upgrade documentation for v1.2 of the Dashboard.

To find configuration examples for the community-provided pumps, please see the relevant GitHub repository