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API Catalogue

The API Catalogue is the central place for you to manage which APIs you are giving developers registered to your portal the ability to enroll for.

The API catalogue is completely separate from the regular API list section of the dashboard, as you may only wish to expose some of those APIs managed by Tyk to end users.

In fact, API Catalogue entries are not actual directly tied to APIs in any way, they are connected to policies.

The reason for this is that policies can give access to a bundle of underlying APIs and therefore can represent a facade of services exposed as a single interface.

API Policy

You can set which API policy (see the policies section for more detail) to apply to a developer key when they enroll for access. Each developers key will be given this policy ID when the key is generated. The policy does not have to only give access to one API, it can give access to multiple API’s if you wish (since it is an access control object)


The Tyk Portal supports the publication of both Swagger and API Blueprint documentation, you can also use the basic CMS features to create your own documentation pages in markdown.

API Blueprint

Importing API blueprint documents means having an important dependency installed: Aglio – the API Blueprint Renderer, as we use this application to handle the AST translation into the static content pages.

You can find the templates for blueprint documentation under the portal/jade/ folder and in portal/templates/ folder


Importing a swagger document is easy, we use the swagger-ui JS renderer with our own template to unpublish this documentation.

You can find the templates for swagger documentation in the portal/templates/swagger.html file

Swagger URL

If your Swagger JSON representation is stored elsewhere, you can pass the Swagger JSON URL to Tyk Portal for it to render dynamically instead of being stored alongside the API Catalogue entry.