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The Tyk REST API is the primary means for integrating your application with the Tyk API Gateway server. In order to use the REST API, you’ll need to set the secret parameter in your tyk.conf file.

The shared secret you set should then be sent along as a header with each REST API Request in order for it to be successful:

x-tyk-authorization: 352d20ee67be67f6340b4c0605b044bc4


/tyk/keys/create – Generates a new key, with the access token generated by Tyk

/tyk/keys/ – Retrieve, add, update, or delete keys

/tyk/oauth/clients/create – Create a new OAuth Client ID

/tyk/oauth/clients/ – Retrieve or delete OAuth Clients

/tyk/reload/ – Hot reload API Definitions and reload all muxers

/tyk/health/ – Health-check: get a snapshot of your API and tyk node performance

It is recommended that the API URLS be IP restricted for maximum security, should an open network hop be required to make the request, the request should be secured with TLS/SSL.