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End-user Reporting

Tyk now enables your end users to get a clear picture of their current API usage without impacting their quotas.

This feature is automatically enabled, end-users can check their access rights using a simple REST call to {api-id}/tyk/rate-limits/, if you do not wish to expose this path we recommend doing so in your NGinX configuration.

The API call will only work for verified users, full details of the request:

Property Description
Resource URL {api-id}/tyk/rate-limits/
Method GET
Type None
Body none

Sample request

GET /widget-api/tyk/rate-limits/ HTTP/1.1
Host: localhost:5000
authorization: 658d20ee67be67f6340b4d0605b044b4
Cache-Control: no-cache

Sample Response

    "quota": {
        "quota_max": 1000,
        "quota_remaining": 768,
        "quota_renews": 1419945088
    "rate_limit": {
        "requests": 1000,
        "per_unit": 60