CX x Marketing

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What does marketing have to do with customer experience (CX)? More than you might imagine, actually!

Off the back of the recent International CX Day, we decided to look at how Tyk’s marketing team contributes to the company’s overall commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience. As such, we sat down (remotely, of course) with Marketing Director Emma Kriskinans. Here’s what she revealed about her team’s CX contributions.

Marketing is all about raising brand awareness, isn’t it? How does that relate to CX?

There’s some definite, and critical, overlap between raising brand awareness and the customer experience. Tyk is committed to its users and how they experience the product, so that value is ever-present in our marketing work.

Tyk gives users a solution that they need and makes it easy for them to overcome their problems. As a company, we talk to users to inform our work. The way that we talk to people when we undertake marketing activities is inextricably linked with the user experience and the overall customer experience. That CX focus is at the forefront of the way we demonstrate and speak about the Tyk solution. There’s a continuous loop there that the marketing function feeds into.

A large part of my role is certainly focused on raising awareness of Tyk and of the incredible potential of open source technology, globally. Our Tyklings are dotted around the planet and have a wide range of different specialisms. That means that we can raise awareness of Tyk through everything from community events and evangelism to global campaigns and international events.

Interestingly at Tyk, though our brand is visually striking, we have traditionally been quite marketing-lite. We prefer to focus on building a product and service level that excites our customers. Doing so gives them something they truly need and which makes their lives easier. We can’t do that without giving them an incredible customer experience across all of their interactions with Tyk.

So in some ways it’s hard to see where marketing ends and CX/UX begins, which is 100% our aim. The challenge is to keep refining and improving as we grow. We’re determined to do so – to keep focusing on the customer to the point that this is ultimately our marketing strategy too.

Brand experience is a huge part of CX. What are some key messages behind Tyk’s brand?

The biggest element of our brand is how we want to help people build things and make things better. We find a problem and hack away at it to find a solution that makes our lives easier.

That engineering, hacky spirit, is a big marker in the Tyk DNA and so a key message of our brand. It drives what we do. It’s all about making it as easy as possible for our users to get on with things. We’re here to help with the technical specifics so that they can get on with the cool things that their companies do.

We’re also all about our community, having grown as an open source project. It’s been fantastic recently to help community members’ own projects take shape through the Tyk Side Project Fund. We also recognise member contributions in various ways, including through the annual Tyk Community Awards.

Overall, we deliver the same experience of Tyk at every level. Whether you’re having your first conversation with a Tykling or you’ve been a client for years, the quality of that CX doesn’t drop. It’s a core part of our brand and the way we do our work. We’re honest and transparent – we take the right way, not the easy way.

Everything we do in the marketing team ties in with this. It’s about supporting our users so that they can get done whatever they need to.

How is Tyk different in terms of its approach to marketing and to CX?

At Tyk, we’re purposefully different – not different for the sake of it, but because there’s a better way. That flows through our approach to support and sales, through product development and how we build, and through the way we try to demonstrate the new and visionary possibilities that are out there. We try to see from a different perspective and share that with others. Our visual brand reflects this really well – the Tyk mascot is creative and quirky. She has a heart and she stands out from the crowd.

Ultimately, people don’t remember what you say but they will remember how you made them feel. That’s why it’s so important that support and marketing work together as part of the overall customer experience.