Customer Experience x Delivery & Engineering

The most exciting week of the year has finally arrived. Well, it has if your work revolves around the customer experience (CX)! Not only was it International CX Day yesterday, but the UK is also celebrating National Customer Service week.

Here at Tyk, we’re celebrating by putting some of our team of Tyklings under the spotlight to find out just what they’re doing to make Tyk’s users happy.

We grilled our Head of Delivery, Allan Eyles, first. Allan has spent the last six to 12 months pioneering change across our delivery model. Over that time, he’s been focusing on bringing in an agile working approach and a new organisational model. The goal? To improve our overall process for shipping software to clients.

Here’s what Allan had to say on how he’s supporting Tyk’s users.

What changes have you made to enhance workflows for Tyk’s users?

Historically, we’d been a bit distant with users when it came to building our software but we’re now in much better shape. We’ve recently brought in product owners to manage specific segments of our users’ journey in the product. It’s been a step change in how we deliver Tyk. Product owners are supplemented by delivery teams which include UX resources to really grow the usefulness, aesthetic and efficiency of our workflows.

Product owners get in front of users on a regular basis, taking part in feedback sessions and demoing our new features and product offerings. The idea is to bring our users into our product vision and encourage them to contribute to it. By engaging with our users during the build process, we’re able to identify their pain points and what features they’re looking for. It means we can build a better, more well-rounded solution.

How does the engineering team collaborate with Tyk’s users?

Our engineering team has always supported our users. Originally, the team dealt with all of our product support and customer service. We now have a dedicated team to do that, but the engineers still jump in to support users and collaborate with them regularly.

We’re giving our engineering team a voice, to build features collaboratively and with Tyk’s users in mind. They now run their own standups and are more active in the decision making process about what their specific user journeys and product components should do.

We’re building feedback loops, inviting users into release show-and-tells and starting to leverage the feedback from our customer teams more. All of which is helping to create better outcomes for our users.

What’s next when it comes to enhancing the customer experience?

As we grow our product management function, our product owners will be given space to own and grow the commercial propositions for their product. This will inevitably lead to a lot more customer interaction and research, which provides plenty of scope for building user feedback into the product.

We also want to be guided more by quantitative and qualitative data when driving product strategy or prioritising a backlog. This will help us to measure progress, as well as enhancing the customer experience.

Delivery and engineering at Tyk are building our product for developers, and through this work engaging with our users to build a better experience for them. It’s a continuous process, and a challenging one, but well worth the time and effort. Ultimately it’s the best thing we can do for our users and the overall customer experience.