Happy New Year: 2018 resolutions to hold us to

Tyk Enterprise API ManagementHellzapoppin’ it’s a new year! Tyk team resolutions for 2018 include “less coffee, more tea”, “visit Bristol”, and “spend more time with my stick insects”.  But what of 2017, how did our team feel it shaped up? And how can you get a free beer (or coffee) on Tyk?

2017: Our ‘Year of Enterprise’

Our once-fledgling open source project went from 0-100mph in 2017, giving us the distinct feeling that 2017 was our ‘Year of Enterprise’. 

Why? Well, as well as accelerating in both speed and reach, we saw an increasing numbers of major enterprises contract with Tyk to manage their APIS and build microservice architecturesIf you’re interested in learning more, you can read case studies about some of the thousands of enterprises using our API Management platform on our site. 

We helped you do battle with legacy systems

Last year we also released our unique Tyk middleware functionality, ensuring it is easy to integrate Tyk with legacy systems and deliver bespoke functionality. This has been a feature particularly helpful to Enterprise organisations; since launch, we’ve seen Enterprises deliver everything from authentication against Lotus Notes, to heavyweight financial compliance logging and auditing, all powered by our plugins.

We grew here, there, and everywhere

Our growth in 2017 has been accelerated by our network of partners: we now have close relationships with leading system integrators and consultancies across Australia, Singapore, Korea, London, Netherlands, Turkey, France & the USA.

These partnerships, coupled with our offices in London and Singapore, have also enabled to support the local API Communities in developing best practice through meetups, events and conferences.

We blushed at some of the feedback you gave us

Our finely-crafted engineering is backed by the best API support in the business, and our product engineers provide immediate and knowledgeable guidance to users whether SLA or on our free API community forum. We were extremely chuffed to hear that Tyk clients are more satisfied than those of our competitors from our friends at Forrester.

Such recognition put us on cloud nine, and what kept us there was hearing similar feedback direct from users themselves. As one Tyk customer put it: “Great service. Your responses are almost too fast!”

As 2017 drew to a close, we began to think about the year to come. So, what does 2018 hold for Tyk (aside from some stick insect husbandry)?

Screw the resolutions, here are our promises for the year ahead

Though our Enterprise offering grew leaps and bounds last year, we remain completely committed to the Open Source API Gateway project, and our API Management pricing will continue to start at absolutely free. Tyk’s 2018 will be focused on redoubling our efforts to democratise access to API Management and making Tyk more accessible, both commercially and technically.

API management for a multi-cloud world

We’re now working in a multi-cloud world – and Tyk is already a first class citizen across AWS, Docker, Kubernetes and Heroku. In 2018 we’ll be making it even easier for you to deploy and access Tyk across an even wider range of Platforms and continue to deliver open access to API Management.

A brand new Dashboard to improve your Tyk experience

Our product team have been working hard, in consultation with our Tyk community and enterprise users, to develop a new dashboard based on your feedback. We’ll be launching it in 2018, making it even simpler for you to manage your APIs, whether you’re a multinational corporation using our Tyk MDCB feature or hobbyist on the Community edition.

Even more flexibility when it comes to how you pay for Tyk

We are also very excited to be releasing a number of exciting new commercial options to make the full power of Tyk Enterprise affordable to all – watch this space.

Whatever Tyk you use, thanks for playing your part in shaping our year

2017 was an astounding year for us, and we have another exciting year planned ahead. We’d love for you to be a part of it.

Whether its joining our Tyk Research Panel or joining the team for a coffee or beer on us in London or Singapore, don’t hesitate to get in touch.