A secure, fully-managed, multi-cloud/hybrid API platform – so you can get on with making things.

Build a global API presence

With Tyk SaaS you can throw your traffic straight at us, at Tyk gateways deployed into any cloud, or even your own datacentre – all in a few clicks. You can then manage REST and GraphQL APIs centrally through the Tyk Multi-Cloud Dashboard. It’s a quick, secure and a cost-effective way to scale your API project, globally via a Hybrid / Multi-cloud architecture.

  1. Where will my datacentre be located?

    Your dashboard is hosted in AWS US East but your Gateways can be wherever you want.

  2. Is it Secure?

    Yes it is. We’re ISO27001 certified and trusted by banks, governments, and people in fancy boardrooms.

  3. Tell me about your uptime SLAs

    We offer uptime SLA options between 99.5% and 99.9%, depending on the plan you choose.

  4. Can you handle GraphQL?

    Yes! We provide a quick, code-free way to create GraphQL endpoints, secure your Graph and enable you to apply complex, granular access policies to queries. We also provide an intuitive visual designer, full schema editor with auto-completion, and a self-documenting GraphQL sandbox for your services. Now you can connect, design, mashup and secure your data with just a few clicks.

I just want to have a play

Do I have to put a credit card in?

Just sign up and get full access free for 30 days

  1. Dashboard & API Designer for full API lifecycle management
  2. Policies and Analytics for monetisation and reporting
  3. Instant, out-of-the-box Developer Portal with self-service enrolment and documentation
  4. Best-in-class Technical Support to get you started and keep you running
  5. No hidden costs, no restrictions on users, number of APIs, etc – simple, transparent pricing

Sign up and get the Tyk SaaS Proof of Concept (PoC) plan (1,000 API calls/day) absolutely free. You’ll get full access to the complete Tyk platform, with no credit card required.

If you want to increase capacity, or require ongoing technical support, we have plans priced according to scale. Just sign up for a free plan and upgrade to from your Account centre.

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Full access to the complete Tyk hybrid / multi-cloud platform and no credit card required.

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