Get Started today with Tyk Open Source API Gateway

The essential component in Tyk’s cloud native API Management Platform: our open source API Gateway, free to all forever

Use our Community Edition API Gateway plus Tyk Pump, Tyk Sync, and Tyk CLI with no feature lock out, so you can manage REST or GraphQL however you like.

Our recommended Getting Started installation method:

The simplest and easiest way to get started with Tyk Gateway Community Edition is via our Docker Tutorial. You’ll be up and running in under a minute!


Other installation methods:

If you don’t fancy using Docker, we also support the following methods:

Logo Ansible

Why Tyk Open Source?

  1. Free to use, forever. Supported by an active community
  2. Easily extensible, pluggable architecture with open standards
  3. Highly performant, cloud-native, written in Go, supports REST and GraphQL
  4. Proud members of Open API Specification, Linux foundation, CNCF
Free to all

Open, for business

Thousands of businesses are using open source tools like Tyk to power their digital transformation. Our API Gateway features are available open source, free to all, to customise and integrate with your existing infrastructure as you wish.

Code can be easily vetted, audited, and security tested, ideal for businesses that are highly-regulated or managing complex InfoSec requirements.

No lock-in

Use Tyk with whatever takes your fancy

We hate lock-in and love open standards, so we make it easy for you to integrate Tyk’s open source tools with whatever tools you like: paid, open source, made by Tyk or made by others.

We know you just want to get going, and just use the parts of Tyk you need. Our open source approach means you can use Tyk with whatever other best-of-breed tools you want to.

Tyk Open Source API Gateway

True open source

Anything that is API Gateway-related, lives in the Gateway, or is critical for the Gateway to work, we make open and freely available via our Github. That includes our powerful new GraphQL server.

You can use Tyk Pump, Tyk Sync, Tyk CLI knowing that they’re open sourced, backwards-compatible and always will be.

Need more than just a Gateway? No problem

Our full API Management platform Tyk Pro gives you:

  • A user-friendly dashboard to make API management even easier (especially for non-techies)
  • Access to out-of-the-box transformations and user/policy management
  • Easy to use, no-code, design of complex GraphQL APIs
  • The ability to document and expose your APIs through a developer portal
  • Tools to manage multiple APIs across global data centres

If you do want these features, it’s as easy as signing up to a free trial with Tyk Cloud, or installing the Tyk Dashboard, entering a licence key and connecting to your open source gateways.

Get started with Tyk

Download Tyk Open Source via Github or find out more about our Tyk Dashboard

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