Tyk Open Source API Management
Tyk Open Source API Gateway

Tyk is changing the face of API Management

Tyk is an Open Source API Management Platform and Gateway that is performant and scaleable. Tyk is making API management accessible to organisations of all sizes, whilst making enterprise API management a practical and cost-effective option.


Tyk is free and easy to get started with, driving widespread adoption

1,800 Forum Members

Our community is large, vocal and an important part of Tyk

1,600 cloud customers

The powerful Tyk platform is very popular as SaaS

24/7 Service

Our team in London support Enterprise clients around the clock
Open Source API Management

At Tyk, we believe in a more connected world

Everything would be better connected, but the internet is messy, imperfect and unpredictable.

We are making it simple, fast and affordable to connect every system in the world

Open Source API Management, Enterprise Support

Tyk Technologies are the team behind the continued development of the open source API gateway project, distributed under the MPL 2.0 license, as well as providing the professional edition and enterprise SLAs
API Management in London

London HQ, Global Support

The team at Tyk Technologies are open, connected, and build with and for our community of users. We use the latest tech to keep our foot-print small and our impact global
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