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Tyk Nightlies for Nighthawks

The Tyk Open Source API Gateway platform consists of quite a few modules: The Tyk Open Source API Gateway, the Tyk API Management Dashboard, Tyk API Analytics Pump, Tyk Identity Broker and more.

For those more adventurous types out there that have grabbed our open source API Gateway repository and compiled Tyk yourselves, you’ve been some of the few that have had access to the latest and greatest features. However, even you brave souls still miss out on getting all those awesome features delivered to your API Dashboard, waiting on us schlubs to release a new version so you can get all the juicy API Management goodness.

Well, the wait is over! We’re really quite happy to introduce the Tyk Nightly builds, which – basically – are what they say on the tin. We now build the development branch of Tyk, Tyk Dashboard and Tyk Pump every night, and deposit them in our file repository in AWS S3 for you to download and enjoy.

Now it goes without saying that these builds are not guaranteed and that using them puts you in danger of being eaten by a swarm of flying zombie sparrow-hawks, but for those truly brave, and truly wishing for the latest and greatest in open source API Gateway goodness, this is for you.

The files (are all here)[/docs/tyk-api-gateway-v-2-0/installation-options-setup/nightly-builds/] – go nuts.

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